- Reserve a Computer/Room

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  1. 預約公用電腦需要有效的圖書館卡和PIN碼。

  2. 預約只能由持卡人進行,預約的公用電腦只能由持卡人使用。

  3. 您可以提前四個工作日進行預約。

  4. 請在您的預約時間用完之前進行您的打印作業。

  5. After you use your reserved time, you may make another reservation for later that day OR you may, without a reservation, continue to use the public computer provided it has not been reserved.

  6. 預約時間到期時,您將自動退出公用電腦。

  7. There is a daily 2-hour total limit on branch public computer use and a 2-hour base at King Library. Reserved and unreserved use of any type of public computer counts toward this limit. There is no guarantee of computer availability.

  8. 請閱讀我們的互聯網使用政策。 這適用於所有Internet用戶。