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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q - How far in advance can I reserve a computer or a group study room?
A -
You may make reservations four business days in advance.

Q - How much time do I get to use a computer or a study room?
A -
At King Library there is a two hour base for use of computers with possible extensions and a one hour limit for study rooms. At branches, there is a two hour limit for computers and one hour limit for study rooms.

Q - If I reserve a room can I still reserve a computer?
A -
Yes. Computer and study room time limits are tracked separately.

Q - What is my PIN number?
A -
Your PIN number may often be set as the last four digits of the telephone number you provided when applying for a library card. If you cannot remember your PIN, see a staff member to have it changed.

Q - I typed in my Library Card number and PIN number but get the message, "Sorry, you have entered an invalid card number or pin number." What's wrong?
A -
A typing error is the most likely reason; please re-try. If the message repeats then your card may have expired. To check on this problem please call Access Services at (408) 808-2000.

Q - Can I still use the computers or reserve a study room if I don't have a Library Card?
A -
No, you need to get a library card.

Q - If I have fines on my Library Card can I still use a public computer or study room?
A -
In most instances, unless your account has been turned over to a Collection Agency, fines do not affect computer or study room privileges.


Q - What is an 'ADA Only' workstation?
A -
An ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) workstation can only be reserved by customers with a disability. These stations have assistive features such as larger text, screen readers or adjustable workspaces. An ADA workstation can be reserved for 2 hours.

Q - What is a 'Youth Only' workstation?
A -
A 'Youth Only' workstation can only be reserved by children or young adult customers. Each branch has its own age limits for these workstations. At the King Library, a Youth Only workstation can be used by customers age 17 or under. Youth Only workstations can be reserved for the same amount of time as regular workstations.

Q - What if I arrive late or miss my scheduled computer reservation?
A -
You must log on within the first 5 minutes of your scheduled reservation (10 minutes at the King Library), or the reservation will be cancelled. The cancelled time will still be deducted from your daily maximum.

Q - Can the library keep track of what I do on the Internet because I am signing on with my Library Card?
A -
No. The computer's record of what Internet sites you visited is deleted when you log off.


Q - Can my study group use the room for longer than an hour?
A -
Yes, multiple hours can be booked back to back by other members of the study group if the room is available at the time of reservation.

Q - Is there computer access in the group study rooms?
A -
Wifi is available.

Q - Do I need the booking receipt to use the room?
A -
Yes, the receipt will be posted during the time you will be using the room and it establishes your right to use the room.

Q - What if there is someone using the room at the time when I have reserved it?
A -
Look at your printed receipt to determine that you have the correct room and correct time; check the reservation holder to see if the group using it has the correct time and room. If it appears that the people in the room are using the room without a reservation, ask them politely to vacate and refer to your printed receipt. If occupant is still uncooperative ask staff to call Security to assist you in using the room as reserved.

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