- Reserve a Computer/Room
How to Reserve

To Reserve a Computer or Group Study Room:

  1. Click on the button "Reserve Now."

  2. A box will appear reminding you to close the window when you are finished. Click "OK." A new window will open; you may need to maximize it.

  3. Enter your Library Card number (no spaces) and PIN number. Click on "Sign-in."

  4. Select a branch from the drop-down menu and click "Next."

  5. Click on "Search by Computer/Room Type."

  6. Select the type of workstation or group study room you want to use from the drop-down menu. Optionally, select a future date or choose to sort computers/rooms by name. Then click on "Schedule Now."

  7. Available timeslots through the next 5 business days will be displayed. Choose a time from the schedule by clicking on the "available" link.

  8. The system will then inform you whether or not your request was successful. Print a receipt of your booking or note the workstation number.

  9. Continue requesting workstations or another group study room by clicking on "Reserve Another" or "Change Computer/Room Type." You may click on the "View or Cancel Bookings" link at any time to review or cancel your requests. When finished, close your personal record by clicking on the "X" in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  10. When you arrive at the library for your scheduled reservation, find the workstation assigned to you and log-on with your Library Card and PIN number. If you have reserved a group study room, find it and place your printed receipt in the reservation holder on the door.

Note: Reserved workstations will be held for 10 minutes at the King Library and 5 minutes at all branches, after which PC's will be made available to other patrons.

(or press CONTROL+P)