- Reserve a Computer/Room
Group Study Room Reservation Rules

You can use the Reserve-a-Computer system to reserve group study rooms as well as computer time. One of your two reservable hours may be used to reserve a study room.

Rooms available for reservation:

  • King Library (Lower Level, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th Floors): 36 rooms
  • Almaden Branch: 1 room
  • Alviso Branch: 1 room
  • Bascom Branch: 2 rooms
  • Berryessa Branch: 3 rooms
  • Biblioteca Latinoamericana Branch: 1 room
  • Calabazas Branch: 1 room
  • Cambrian Branch: 2 rooms
  • Dr. Roberto Cruz Alum Rock Branch: 2 rooms
  • East San José Carnegie Branch: 1 room
  • Edenvale Branch: 2 rooms
  • Educational Park Branch: 2 rooms
  • Evergreen Branch: 2 rooms
  • Hillview Branch: 2 rooms
  • Joyce Ellington Branch: 1 room
  • Pearl Avenue Branch: 1 room
  • Rose Garden Branch: 1 room
  • Santa Teresa Branch: 2 rooms
  • Seven Trees Branch: 2 rooms
  • Tully Community Branch: 2 rooms
  • Village Square Branch: 2 rooms
  • Vineland Branch: 2 rooms
  • West Valley Branch: 1 room
  • Willow Glen Branch: 1 room

Please observe the following rules when you reserve a group study room:

  1. Reservation must be for room use by two or more persons.

  2. A valid library card and pin number is required to reserve a group study room.

  3. Reservations can only be made by the cardholder, and the cardholder must be present while the room is in use.

  4. One person from the group may make a single reservation for one of the rooms for one hour.

  5. Other members of the group may reserve the room for an additional hour per person.

  6. Reservations may be made up to four business days prior to the room use.

  7. Printed receipt must be posted in appropriate holder at the door of the room.

  8. Please read our Small Group Study Rooms Policy. This applies to all study room users.

(or press CONTROL+P)